Happy Purim

just me

(I don’t even know what this facial expression is for…)

Hoping your day was leopard-iffic!!!


I came this close to not having a costume at all.  I could barely pull myself up out of the winter blahs to shlep to Value Village, and once I was there, barely had the energy to wander the aisles for inspiration.

I am glad I did!  As Elisheva pointed, this is SO venahafoch hu (upside-down)… “you hate animal prints!”

Well, I don’t HATE them, but I sure did have fun mixing them all up like this.  And you can’t quite see here, but I’m cradling a baby leopard; he was part of the costume.  I’m a Leopard Mommy.

I also had a pair of fabulous gold leopard-ted's Purim 035spotted earrings, which you can’t quite see here.  Sara (crooked-halo angel that she is) helpfully pointed out that the earrings should probably be in the MASK ears, not my own… thank you, Sara!!!

The whole point is FEELING FABULOUS and really, truly, mostly, I did.

Here’s what we ate… including a repeat of Maggie Glezer’s AWESOME onion-poppy Purim Ring.  It’s like pletzl… inside the world’s biggest twister bagel.  Like I said… awesome!!!

purim day 026

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