Are you a cut-up???

image I ask because I am. 

Or rather, a cut-OUT... hmm; a “cutter-outer”? 
Whatever you call it, it's true:  I cut out the pages of workbooks, whether they're designed to come out or not.
Sometimes, it's so I can save the page in our big binder, and sometimes (as with our JUMP Math text) it's because the book is too thick to write on the reverse side of the bent-backwards pages.

Explode the Code isn’t unwieldy, but I have started enjoying the feeling of watching the book get noticeably smaller with each lesson done.  I think it gives Naomi a sense that we’re accomplishing something important; indeed, today was our first day in Book 2!!!

Here are the books, all ready for tomorrow’s learning.

cut up 027

And ZIP!  A swish of my brand-new exacto-type knife and they’re FREE!  Shiny, nice, easy to use and file afterwards.

 cut up 028

Two books I DON’T cut:  Handwriting Without Tears and Kriyah v’Od.

  cut up 031 cut up 032

The books open up nicely, and in the case of the Hebrew book, it’s mostly reading and not very much writing.  So those books come out at lesson time.  Almost everything else, I try to stick on Naomi’s clipboard the night before, and then in the morning, we’re ready to wrock and wroll!  (sorry, we were practicing silent letters today!)

I haven’t written about the clipboard at all, but it has been a lifesaver over the last few months.  Just a VERY plain vanilla clipboard.  It’s where I store our current skip-counting worksheets (see this post – scroll down – for an explanation), this week’s parsha narrative, and any other pages that we need to (try to!) get to in the next couple of days. 

It’s a little like workboxes; in theory, when we’re finished every piece of paper on the clipboard, we’re done.  It doesn’t include stuff like reading, but still… it seems to do the trick in terms of holding and organizing our paperwork – for now.

Do you cut up any of your workbooks and other resources?  Which ones?  How do you store them (IF you store them!) when you’re done?  Do you save workbook pages from year to year?  I’d love to hear about it!


  1. Love the cutter thingamabob, and love the clipboard idea! :)

  2. I like your idea of the daily clipboard with their lessons. I did take out the pages when my 9 yr old daughter was in Kindergarten but then didn't really know what to do with all the loose papers. We have SO MANY papers everywhere (with all the drawings etc. seriously, we go massive amounts of paper!) that the thought of more is overwhelming so I keep them in their workbooks.

  3. I used to remove our math worksheets, but I found it's easier to leave them all together. That said, we really don't use a lot of workbooks though, so maybe I would be a cut-up if we did. ;)

  4. I only use a curriculum for math. I don't cut it up but I do photocopy it, the. 3 hole punch it and place in a duo tang. I recently read on-line about having staples take outthe binding for you and have them spiral bind it...I may do this. So I not a cut-out, just a close cousin of a cut-out...possibly the bad cousin.


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