Menu Plan Monday #33: 5 Shevat, 5771

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Hi!  We are a Jewish family of 6 (2 parents, 4 kids) and all our meals are kosher.  Newcomers, read my MPM intro here which tells you all about who we are, or just visit my super-duper-list-imization of Everything We Eat.

This is the week when all our classes and programs are back in full swing.  It’s also exam week at Elisheva’s school, starting on Wednesday with Chumash and continuing into next week.

image Nevertheless, I’m getting a little bored, so there are a few new recipes on here… hope everything turns out okay!  Lots of veg this week – only one meat meal!

Sunday (tonight):  Date night, kids ate at Mommy’s!

Monday (ballet & swimming, eek, busy!):  Chicken and rice bake night, so there

Tuesday (Ted’s Hebrew class)Rice and corn cakes w/black bean salsa or some other kind of dip, Oven sweepo fries, amazing homemade mushroom soup (based on this web recipe)

Wednesday (my first ASL class):  Savoury bread pudding with spinach & mushrooms (using whole leftover challah); make good veggie broth for Thursday soup.

Thursday (vegan vursday, Library night):  Vegan lasagna, creamy carrot (cashew?) soup

Friday/Shabbos:  Dunno, but I will make it all on my own SO THERE! 

Maybe to try for Shabbos:  Orange-infused roasted green beans with peppers.

Maybe to try for vegan night next week:  Roasted-vegetable galette with olives


  1. i think i need to go on a weekly menu plan. it seems like life will get just a little simpler...few less dilemmas.

  2. Tali:
    It is HARD WORK for me. Sundays feel so stressful, planning our week in food. But then, it's done and the stress evaporates and each day goes SOooo easily!
    I ask the big kids, and I ask dh for inspiration, too, as I'm making up the meal plan. Between their suggestions and my list of past meals, I can usually cobble something together.
    I totally can't imagine doing a month at a time, as some mamas do. :-)))


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