Field Trippin’ Part 2: Allen Gardens Day, plus Five Senses

allen gdns 015Today was a first:  a field trip tied in with our “Five Senses” Science Unit!  I think it worked out nicely: We walked from room to room, identifying various ways that we use our senses with the plants and then Naomi sketched three of the five senses. 

GZ, as you can see here, is all about TOUCH.  I swear, he uses his other senses only to guide him to the next thing he can poke or prod or (mostly) allen gdns 023pinch.

Here were Naomi’s picks for what to draw.  You can see her notebook sketches at the very end of the post.

In the succulents room, for the sense of TOUCH, were GOLDEN BARREL CACTI:

 allen gdns 018 image

In the “spring” room, for sense of TASTE… um… GOLDFISH:allen gdns 030image

(I pointed out kumquats, small oranges and even a lemon tree, but she wanted to draw a FISH!)

And in the bromeliads room, for sense of SIGHT, “Aunt Sara talking in the ‘Rapunzel plant.’”  That’s not really its name, but that’s what Sara calls it, for good reason.  This Rapunzel is hanging higher than the one in the succulents room – that one lets you get right close underneath.  This one looks less like real hair.

allen gdns 021 image

I stopped after 3 senses; it was enough already!  I just had her tell me two more things for the other 2 senses:


allen gdns 016Here’s Sara, momentarily distracted from the Golden Barrel Cactus drawing going on at her feet!  (kudos to MOI for bringing a clipboard)

In more Five Senses news, our Hebrew terminology intro yesterday went fine, with Naomi creating this handy bilingual “brain map” as well as completing a Tu b’Shvat activity on senses and trees.

 allen gdns 009  allen gdns 012 allen gdns 010

I sense that our science unit is going quite, quite well… trippy!


  1. Very very cool! I love how you're doing science.


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