Dizzy FIVE SENSES Science!

Every homeschool household needs a SCIENCE BOTTLE, SCIENCE TUBE and SCIENCE BALLOON!

I love it when a “class” goes super-well and everybody has fun!  This is HEARING week, so we are learning about ears…

spinning 009The shape of our ears is designed by Hashem (take that, secular science teachers!) to collect sound waves.  We can improve our “reception” by cupping hands behind our ears or using the SCIENCE TUBE!  We can stop some of the sound from getting in by placing hands in front of (not over – perpendicular to your head!) our ears.

We can feel the vibrations of sound by talking into the SCIENCE BALLOON.  We love the SCIENCE BALLOON!

spinning 012

Ears also help us balance.  When we spin around, we get dizzy!

spinning 004

We filled the SCIENCE BOTTLE with water plus glitter (Mr. Jr. Scientist playing with cars in the background!).  It’s just like our ear canal!  We spin the bottle around, and when it stops suddenly, the glitter keeps going.

 spinning 007  spinning 010 

At the end of it all, we narrate!

narration 001

She’s drawn:  elephant ear (huge and very efficient at collecting sound!), glitter botttle experiment, cochlea (the inner “snail ear” she refers to in her own written narration):

“Eer is sortav the sam as a elaphins eer.  Snal eer is sortav the sam as a snals.”

I absolutely adore these science narrations because, as with the other narrations, they PROVE she’s really getting it.  I love hearing it in her own words and it actually helps me know what to teach her next; which things she absorbs better and likes to learn about.


  1. Looks like so much fun and seriously so much learning! And those science tools? Must haves, for sure! :)

  2. We definitely need a science balloon! Are you going to keep it around for a unit on static electricity?

  3. No - because if things to as planned, we don't cover electricity until Year 4 - ie Grade 4.
    So maybe never. :-(


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