Why I don’t wear sheitels…

It’s hard to define exactly where the chillul Hashem begins and ends with this People’s Court clip… (p.s. If you're going to watch it - and nobody is forcing you - you MUST watch it right until the end.)

(found on the DovBear blog)


  1. Would you care to elaborate on your reasoning? I understand that you don't want to be associated with people that act that way, but that is not a way to decide a halachik decision... I believe most people would have no problem if you decided you don't want to wear a sheitelor that it is not required etc. but to disassociate I don't understand. Can you please elaborate.

  2. "This is why I don't wear sheitels."

    I don't understand - did you formerly wear sheitels until some couple showed up on TV? Or does this couple's appearance retroactively explain your years of non-sheitel wearing?

    Wearing a sheitel might or might not be required by halacha or appropriate, but a couple of (alleged) ganeivim showing up on TV doesn't change a thing. And yes, they're hypocrites. But would you say, "Look, Martha Stewart kept a clean house and a dirty pocketbook, that's why I keep sweep my house." Yes it's hypocritical to do what she did, but that doesn't justify my decision about how often to sweep.

  3. Okay, it's always fun when people who don't know me take a tongue-in-cheek headline much, MUCH too seriously.

    I haven't worn sheitlach regularly in years, though I still have one or two that I have been known to haul out for Very Special Occasions.

    Literally - this was tongue in cheek. I suppose it sounds like an assertion that sheitlach make one dishonest, but seriously, my thoughts were more along the lines of "avoid the sheitel, avoid the dry-cleaning hassles."

    Let's just pretend the tichel cut off circulation to my brain, shall we? :-)))

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