Shabbos Desserts!

Well, I ought to be working on the whole menu, but so far, I haven’t gotten past the sweet stuff.  Typical.

Nevertheless, “al hamar v’ha matok” – for the bitter and the sweet, a line from a Naomi Shemer song.  In this case, the savoury and the sweet – nothing bitter going on here!  So – onward!  “Al hamatok, v’ha ta-im!”

Ted’s still in his Kosher by Design phase – since I had my contest, he has had every one of these books out from the library.

Crossing stuff out as I make it…


  • Challah
  • “Boughten” Egg rolls (we found the word boughten in a little house book and love it!)
  • Kosher by Design Turkey Sliders – served a la meatballs w/some kind of sauce
  • Garlic wedged roasted “hasselback” potatoes, from a Kosher by Design book
  • Miso-dressing green beans (improvised with hatcho miso, white vinegar (I’m out of rice vinegar), sesame oil and mirin)
  • Corn (frozen corn, steamed; it wouldn’t be Shabbos without it!)
  • Desserts

Lunch!  Not sure what Ted has planned.

  • Challah
  • Cholent?
  • Store-bought Slicey meats
  • Purkey Tastries – aka puff pastry with slices of turkey pastrami inside!
  • Carrot salad – EASY!  Carrot “coins” steamed, tossed with olive oil, cumin, curry powder, salt, craisins.  I have also made this without the curry powder – just cumin & garlic.  Try lots of fresh, local garlic, for a powerful kick!
  • Desserts

Desserts! (aka the only thing I have done so far today besides challah)

  • NEW Marble Chiffon Cake – I wanted swirly cake, but couldn’t find my tube pan, so I made it in 3 loaf pans instead.
  • OLD FAVE Almond Biscotti aka Mandelbroit – never-fail, always-yum

Good Shabbos!


  1. We love the word "boughten" too! Use it all the time. Great word. :) :) :) Good shabbos!


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