The new glasses

glasses 018As Elisheva just said, “it’s not a very good compliment if you say ‘the best picture of me is the blurry one.’”  But we took a bunch; this was the best.

The new glasses look JUST like the old ones.  Slightly squarer, I think, and slightly smaller, but then, I don’t have a good sense of these things.

Boy, were they expensive

Glasses stores are sneaky because the only price tag you see is on the frame.  Who can’t afford $100 or so for glasses?  But that is JUST for the frame.  Lenses are extra; extra-thin lenses so I don’t look like I’m wearing Coke bottles are extra; special coatings so they don’t scratch or glare are extra (and cannot be removed from the charge, I was told, because the super-thin lenses only come with coatings).

But at least now…



imageOh, yeah!  Under the sway of the super-low end-of-year (FRAME) prices, and the fact that I cannot buy magnetic clip-on sunglasses anymore, I suckered myself into buying a REALLY snazzy pair of sunglasses.  They are Ray-Ban.  They’re going to take a couple of weeks to make, but here’s a sneak preview:



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