Birthday Surprise for my Four Eyes

image Well, the big-ticket “Mommy” birthday gift is… (drumroll)… GLASSES. 

Yup, I can just hear the letdown out there when I say it, but I’m actually kind of excited.  A few weeks ago, I came to the realization that I am not seeing very well at all, and mostly, I suspect (I hope?), the problem lies with my scratchy, smeary old glasses.

I was out driving at night, and noticed the lights were all blurred, and I also find that I have to look at things for a good long time before they come into focus.  The whole world has gone slightly soft and nonspecific. 

I guess I'd better go with the word HOPE here.  I hope, really, really hope it’s just the glasses.

When my mother asked what I want, instead of hemming around for a few weeks (and finally she gives up in disgust and hands me a cheque), like usual, I blurted it out:  glasses.

So now I have an appointment at 2 pm tomorrow (Ted’s day off) down at St Clair to have my eyes checked – not an easy feat if you consider that every optometrist in town seems to be either on vacation already or doesn’t work Tuesdays, and get a new prescription if necessary.

image And then… hooray!  Off to LensCrafters, or wherever, to pick out frames.  There’s a place close by that offers  three for one glasses, but unless I have three pairs of eyes, I think that’s overkill. 

I just want the same magnetic sunglasses kind that I have right now, because those are very cool.  Oh, and I want them by Friday.  My mother says LensCrafters might be very quiet right now.  The Gift of Eyeglasses is not at the top of everybody’s holiday-shopping list.

image[Very odd.  This and the above are two different Google Street View glimpses of the same optical shop, and they have a different car parked in front and a different sign in the window.  There are a few other subtle differences between the pictures… must have done one angle, then gone home for the day!]

The big secret of Canadian healthcare:  despite American paranoia that our medical system is totally overrun by commies (or something), in Ontario at least, if you are between 18 and 65 (like me!), pretty much nothing routine above your neck is covered.  That includes dental and vision care.  (and haircuts, I suppose)

So I have been putting off the eye-doctor visit, just as I put off the dentist visits, mostly because I don’t feel like paying.  Not sure if Ted’s private work plan will reimburse us for the optometrist… I hope so, because I’m not sure that’s part of the gift.


  1. It must be going around. I've had my eye exam and have my new prescription. I have yet to get new glasses. Well, I had new glasses but returned them when I learned that Costco has prices that are about 75% less than Lenscrafters. I've just got to get to Costco to get them. We finally have good health insurance with LK's new job...but vision still isn't covered. Hmph.

  2. Never thought of Costco... we're not members, but we have a gift card, which gets us in the door.
    They might not have as good a selection, though, and I specifically want the magnetic clip-on shades... we'll see (esp because it's a gift; I'm not paying!!!).
    Probably whoever can get them to me before Xmas gets my business!

  3. Costco isn't quick. I think it's a two week turnaround. I'm going with the "I waited this long, I might as well wait a couple more weeks" logic. ;p


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