You’re desperate! (search engine mini-roundup #5)

(previous search-engine roundups: Roundup #1, (mini) Roundup #2, Roundup #3, and Roundup #4)

Yup, it’s late and it’s quiet and I have already posted my menu plan for the week, which means it’s Blog Statistics time… the time when I go and see what you’re looking for and hopefully finding in my blog.

And it turns out you are almost universally desperate… for kids’ parsha resources!

I already knew this, or suspected it… but it saddens me nevertheless.  We are such an intelligent, literate people (at least, some of us are; I know we can’t defy averages, so some of us are no doubt morons…) – why do we put such a low value on educating our kids, on making Jewish education fun and LIVELY???

If you’ll recall, Amy Meltzer at Homeshuling has been wondering the same thing.

A lot of people are getting steered here via Google to my Shabbat Book recommendation, which is a great start.  (try my parsha summaries or Parsha Poems, too!

Some other top searches that are finding their way here:

  1. That Depression Meme – will it EVER go away???
  2. Lots of people looking for Upsherin speeches… hmm, maybe consider writing your own?  But you can visit my Upsherin FAQ page for more information!  And feel free to let me know what you did so I can maybe add it to the FAQ…
  3. Sigh.  Lots of inquiries about the Vileda Bee Mop – including one lady who phoned me out of the blue a couple of months ago to find out how my long-ago kvetch was resolved.  Apparently, I had left my real phone number in the email, posted to my blog, for the whole world to see.  Whoops!!!
  4. christians, celebrate the biblical feasts… or NOT.  See my response here.
  5. homeschooling + jewish +blog – yes!  You have come to the right place.  Join us!!!
  6. Here’s one I like – a lot!  A bunch of people are finding this blog because they were searching… for me.  “Jennifer in Mamaland.”  Yup, that’s where I am, alright.

This one isn’t a top search, but I was happy to find it in the list…“most disasterous cooking disaster”.  Of course, that person landed on the Cooking Disaster Contest… I hope they felt my winning disaster was “disasterous” enough for them!

And finally, to the person  looking for “photos of raspberry octopi” – sorry I couldn’t be of more help.  Hope you enjoyed my crafty socktopi projects!!!


  1. Thank you for your comment on the Blog of Garnel Ironheart. As Jews, we seek fairness because this have been so unfair - so it's a big slap in the face when the country who houses Jews from around the world decides to make things inherently unfair.

    As a side note - I'm making a Thanksgiving themed Shabbat Dinner on Friday - do you know any good parve recipes? I have a lot to be thankful for right now and this seems like a great time of year for a Shabbat like this!

    Thank you, again!

  2. @MrsHillyG: Welcome! Pareve, as in you're making the entire meal pareve? Either way, just about every weekday meal idea I have ever had since keeping this blog is on this page. Shabbat & Yom Tov dinners are often indexed here. Sorry to be vague, hope this is helpful...and I sure do believe you should have been treated better by the Rabbanut than you have been. :-(


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