Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on Homosexuality

Tip o’ the tichel to Treppenwitz for calling attention to this article/statement from Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.  Well worth reading, even if you feel it doesn’t go far enough… or goes too far.  Treppenwitz’s own insights are also worthwhile. 

I’m not a huge Boteach-phile, but sometimes, he has the whatevers to say things that nobody else in the frum community is saying.  With seemingly little concern for his own standing.  However you may feel about his courting the limelight, I admire a truth-teller wherever I find him.

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  1. I think he just cares more about his fame and standing in the general world/media than he does about his standing in the frum world. Hence all his sensationalist topics.

  2. Well, yes - that's it exactly. I guess I don't mind the spotlight-seeking, if it incidentally sheds light where I think light needs to be.


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