The easiest thing for fruit flies

flies 003Death motels!  Gross, but fast and it works.

  • Cut, roll and tape a simple paper cone.
  • Fill a small juice glass about 1/3 full of apple cider vinegar.  Make sure the cone comes ALMOST but not quite down to the level of the vinegar. 
  • Add a squirt of dish soap.
  • Tape the cone firmly all around the edge with masking tape.
  • Set it out anywhere you have an infestation.

Fruit flies adore the scent of rotting or fermenting things – apple cider vinegar is perfect, redolent of stinky fruit.  The catch is, when the scent dies down, you probably need to change the trap.

flies 004It’s pretty easy to peel off the masking tape, pour off the old vinegar and refill the trap.  Remember the squirt of dish soap – don’t know why, but it doesn’t work as well without it.

Here they come – suckers!


  1. Die, fruit flies! :) We put some banana in a dish, cover with some plastic wrap, and poke some small holes in it. Works well too. Bye bye, fruit flies! :)

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. I amgoing to give it a try.

  3. You need the soap to lower the surface tension so the flies can't walk on water (er, cider) and drown instead.


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