The lemons are exquisite!

newchallahs 2010-06-18 019Last year (Spring 2009), I vowed to stop fighting two garden menaces that I simply could NOT get rid of:  tenacious grapevines growing in the backyard, and a prickle-weed in the front foundation bed.

I had learned a bit more about growing stuff and plant life cycles, and realized that everything flowers.  I hadn’t seen the prickle-weed’s flowers because I kept cutting it back so viciously, but had begun to suspect it might be a rose if only I would let it grow.

newchallahs 2010-06-18 021So, I figured, “if life gives you lemons, I will make lemonade.”  I should leave these two obnoxious plants alone for a season or two and see what they could do for me (read about it here – scroll down).

Well, this week, the “prickle-weed” has finally bloomed.  They are lightly scented, semi-double miniature roses in what I think is a rather-beguiling shade of red.  If anybody happens upon this post and wants to tell me what they’re called, I’d be grateful.

Now, this is not at ALL a plant I would choose for myself.  It is pure serendipity, which is probably why I love it so much. 

I didn’t choose it; it chose me.  I hope it’ll keep me.


  1. LOL, you know what you mean. There's a weedy plant that I fought for year and never let bloom. The one day I was weeding and someone asked me what I was throwing away all of those 'Star of Bethlehem' plants. After I learned the name and let it bloom I decided that Ornithogalum umbellatum was a nice plant. Now I can't keep it alive.


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