Blue, blue, blue…!

barbies 001For months now, maybe even a year, Gavriel Zev has had a little ditty he half-sings that makes Naomi Rivka absolutely crack up.  He dweedles, in his little dweedly voice:  “blue, blue, blue… also night!” 

Over and over and over, he sings those three words (“blue” is repeated; it’s still only one word). 

You have to remember, he was just teeny tiny when he started this.  So I figured it was just nonsense; words strung together.  So Naomi giggles and encourages him, over and over and over.

Today, I overheard him singing it, and suddenly the words resolved, about half the time, and I realized what he’s been singing:  “here we go looby loo, here we go looby light; here we go looby loo, all on a Saturday night.”

It’s the song our dance teacher, Theresa uses to start every single dance class.  And I thought, oh, how amazing.  There has been a brain in there, all along.


  1. Yes, it's a lesson for us about how kids are talking when we think they're babbling.


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