OMG this works

Loyal reader(s), you have no clue how close you came to never reading one of these posts again… okay, maybe not NEVER, but certainly not tonight.  Not after… the Blue Screen of Death.

I hate to hand it to Microsoft, but… the Windows XP install CD system repair actually did the trick.  First time I’ve ever seen that be useful for anything other than a frisbee in a computer system emergency.

I am thanking my lucky stars right now.  Not only did it manage to keep my profile and settings… it even kept my cookies!!!  My blog settings!  I don’t even  have to lift a finger; just log in and enjoy.

Thank you, Microsoft!

(okay, I do believe it’s probably Microsoft’s fault that things crashed in the first place… so it probably evens out)

(plus, I believe if it had been Vista, we’d be up the creek with no hope of a paddle…)

Do I sound giddy???


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