It's Heart Month: 3 days left to save lives!

Dear Friends & Family:

imageHi, everybody!
Sorry I can’t stop by in person... you're a bit out of my area.  :-)

imageWe’re out walking up and down on our street on this beautiful afternoon to raise money for Heart & Stroke.  This cause is important to me (I won't say it's close to my heart, because that would be tacky!).  I hope you'll join me by donating online.
Growing up, I watched as every single one of my grandparents' lives were shortened by heart disease and strokes, and my father had a defibrillator that saved his life on more than one occasion.  Heart disease and stroke kill 1 in 3 Canadians and are the #1 killer of women.
Please click this link to be redirected to my main page at the Heart & Stroke website:
Thus ends my personal appeal.  Official information follows.  :-)))

Heart disease and stroke is the #1 killer of women - taking more women's lives than all forms of cancer combined. But no one is immune. These diseases affect us all: male or female, young or old.
February is Heart Month, and I am asking for your support so that, together, we can stop heart disease and stroke from taking 1 in 3 Canadians before their time.
By sponsoring me online, you can help the Heart and Stroke Foundation continue to fund critical, life-giving research so we can change these statistics. With your help, we can make death wait.
Just click on the link at the bottom of this email to access my secure Personal Donation Page.
Thank you for your support!
Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support Heart and Stroke Foundation.


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