Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Menu Plan Monday: 24 Shevat, 5760

I just realized I have been calling these last few weeks “Meal Plan Mondays.”

And if you have noticed the nifty logo I always insert, you’ll have noticed several times already that I am WRONG.

So today I begin to correct that error, to right that wrong, to dream the impossible… oh, never mind.

(I would also like to point out here, for the purpose of shamelessly tossing the keywords about, because most of you reading this know us in person or know enough about us to realize that all of our family favourite recipes are kosher. Many include meat, but many would be considered vegetarian (dairy or pareve) or even vegan – pareve AND eggless. Feel free to browse the list and see what sorts of things we enjoy!!!)

For the week of 24 Shevat / February 8, 2009: Ted’s sched – no late days, off Friday.

Monday (my ASL class): Chicken rice baked in pan – sorry, but it’s easy, easy, easy

cookies 005 Tuesday: AB5 Pumpernickel bread (caramel colour here), Soup, frozen sole prepared in some interesting and creative way. Super-easy potato flakes and creamed-corn "fake soup."

Wednesday (Ted’s pottery): Beef burritos w/rice

Thursday (Vegan Vursday): Rye pletzl, pareve carrot-ginger soup subbed pareve veggie pea soup and it was AMAZING! Forgot how much we like pea soup.

Friday: Shabbos @ Mommy’s House, me make Challah!