First to sprout 2010: BABY coleus!

worms 011See ‘em?  No???  I’m insulted:  these are my babies, after all.  Okay, never fear… there’s a better picture down below.

Since Coleus 2010 is going so abysmally, I decided that inaddition to begging for cuttings from total strangers, I would also start whatever coleus I could get my hands on from seed, despite  my LACK of love for the seed-starting process when it comes to coleus.  The results are too random; most coleus seeds are sold in mixes, so you’re not getting a specific type.  They also take FOREVER to grow to any reasonable, plantable size.

However, I did have some success last year with coleus from seed, and given the choice between tiny runty coleus and no coleus, I’ll take the runty ones anyday… though I’m hoping that, by starting them so early, I will end up with a reasonable size.  Luckily, Lowe’s had seed for a nice, red variety called Wizard Sunset, which is not a mix but a nice bloody red colour.

So there they are in the Lee Valley Seed Starter.  Up above.  See them?  Two little weeny sprouts in the front corner spot.

Luckily, my camera, which doesn’t do close-ups, managed to snag a pretty cute snapshot.  Remember, these are barely visible to the naked eye (well, my naked eye, at least).  You can even see the tiny seed husk still clinging to the plant on the left.

baby coleus

Amazing; simply amazing.  I am really REALLY looking forward to spring, to growing, to green… to RED, if I can get enough coleus going again by the time the temps hit 50-something.  (okay, I know I should be thinking in metric, and usually I do, but 50 is such a nice round number… so easy to remember that THAT is the Official Start of Decent Garden Weather)


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