Have you heard about Sigd?


Who said the month of Chesvan doesn't have any holidays?  Let's get ready for SIGD!

Maybe not quite a full Ethiopian extravaganza, but I'd love to do something

If the North American black community can invent Kwanzaa and turn it into major hoopla inside a single generation, can't the Jewish community embrace a "lost" festival that actually does have a long, authentic tradition???

As of last year, it is an officially state-recognized holiday in Israel.  That’s a good enough excuse for me to have a bit of fun. 

Plus, they do great embroideries like the piece shown above, though I doubt the authenticity of Ethiopian prints which depict, for example, menorahs… Beta Israel (Jews of Ethiopian origin) don’t have a tradition of celebrating Chanukah because they were already in exile when the story happened.

Still… fascinating!

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