Holy Cow…

temp_hckI want….



Kosher Beef Jerky!!!  :-o

You used to be able to buy biltong, a south african jerky, at Hartman's up north.  But I haven't seen it in years...

And Perl's used to make a meaty stick-thing that kind of sort of almost filled the Slim Jim niche in my tummy.

But, again, no more Perl's.

No, what I need is real, authentic, kosher beef jerky.

Any chance of seeing this stuff in Canada anytime soon???


  1. Does Amazon U.S. ship to Canada? If so, you can order from their website (see above).

  2. Sadly, no. Amazon ships most books and videos to Canada; not much else. But there are tons of importers bringing stuff in; surely someone would be interested!


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