{Postscript: Raspberry lust was eventually requited in this post!!!}

raspberries at twilightOne last garden post before I turn in. I’m getting a hankering for razzzberries (aka raspberries, just to keep this post searchable). I cannot believe how wild and overgrown this patch has gotten. I put in some dollar-store trellises to restrain the vines so the berries don’t flop on the ground.

I think they’re late this year because of our long cool spring, but the berries are fully-formed now and hopefully will start to redden with a few warm days. Because I’d hate to miss the fall crop if this one comes in late…

Speaking of “redden” – aargh. The baby seems to think he can pick any old strawberry he sees growing: even the white ones! :-o I tried to stop him this morning, but when I turned around, he said “No” and then picked one. Tried to eat it, but then even he spat it out. They really aren’t ready when they’re white!!!

Here’s a picture of the same “wall of raspberries” taken both when the wall was brown (before our insurance required Ted to attack the garage with a can of Barney-coloured paint) and when the raspberries were tiny. The five canes here were what I started with: 3 from Home Depot (expensive) and 2 from a guy at the Riverdale Farm farmers’ market (cheap) who swore they were his grandfather’s raspberries.

I suspect it is Grampa’s Berries that have taken over the entire place. Next spring is the year I have to get tough and start pulling up canes that grow where I don’t want them. Otherwise, we’ll have a yard full of raspberries this time next year.

I wonder if raspberries grow in Israel?


  1. My Israeli cousins say they've never seen raspberries before. They didn't even know the Hebrew word for them.

    I'll take any canes you feel like digging up...

    And yeah, Kali eats the white strawberries too. She doesn't seem to mind them.


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