What's for supper???

I have no idea!!!
Today is PANIC DAY.
When Elisheva arrives home starving, Ted has his pottery class, the littles have swimming lessons, and I go in, too (with Gavriel Zev).
Of course, nobody is sleeping.
Naomi slept and woke up - a short nap even after exhausting her at Riverdale Farm this morning.
And Gavriel Zev is once again refusing to sleep after a 15-minute doze in the car on the way home.  :-(((
Why is sleep so bloody elusive for these kids???
I swear the older kids never had a minute of trouble sleeping - naps and all.
I want to get away with just making pasta, but with the tuna noodle last night and all, somebody might catch on that I'm not a very good mama, serving pasta two nights in a row...
But if I disguise it with tomato sauce and veggies, maybe nobody will notice!


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