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Ongoing tomato mystery

#2 in a quick series of follow-up posts so you don't think I've given up on my garden altogether.

Like as if I was spending all day hauling my kids to dance classes, etc., or cleaning for Pesach, or supervising my homeschooling teenager, or making suppers, or... well... all the other things I mostly am doing...

So I wanted to follow up from my Missing Tomatoes Debacle to let you know that while I have one more row of tomatoes (the back row, once I turned the planter around) sprouted in the Lee Valley self-watering planter, two rows are still MIA!

Waah! Nothing like this has ever happened to me in my short gardening life.
I guess the light source is really pathetic and uneven, but you'd think the missing 2 rows would have caught up and sprouted by now.

The only consolation is that I can't read the popsicle sticks now that the planter is turned around, so I don't know which varieties are failing to sprout so cannot tear my hair out as specifically as I am currently.

My next post will log some recent successes, don't worry. Gardening is not non-stop angst around here!