Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Spring West-End GTA Plant Swap!

… is officially OVER.  :-)
Maybe we’ll do it again next year!
(with more people, or braver people who are willing to stand and chill:  literally!)


When is the swap?
Sunday, May 17th. Note: this is the Victoria Day long weekend! 
From 10:00 a.m. until the last of us goes home… but I recommend coming right at 10 to make your plants available and find the best selection.
Is there a rain date?
Nope. Let's hope for NICE weather!
Where is the swap?
The parking lot behind Sobey's / Zellers at Kipling and Queensway. Just drive right up and do everything out of your trunk.  Not a very “green” location; sorry.  If you don't have a car, find a buddy who does!
  swap map mod
Do I have to bring plants?
This is strictly a swap in the sense that nothing is being sold and everybody will come hoping to find interesting new plants to take home.
Sometimes, even people "without" plants sometimes find they actually have something in their yard that they can dig up and bring - a hosta or an ornamental grass or groundcover that's spread like wildfire (ivy, vinca, golden creeping jenny?).
 Are there any freebies?  I love freebies!
Yes: Door Prizes!
Courtesy of Laura at, who sent me 20 packets of free herb seed to give out:  Bouquet Dill, Coriander, Italian Large-Leaf Basil and Chives. Oooh!  Yummy... and each packet is lovingly adorned with a drawing of her husky/retriever Hazel!  Thanks, Laura!  (I’ll probably just put these in the swap circle and whoever wants/needs seeds can take some out)

Who's organizing the swap?

Me! Just a fairly new gardener with an unexpected love of interesting plants and a few spare seedlings around because I have a tiny garden. I got invited to a swap my first year in our house and had so much fun I decided to organize another last year - and then couldn't make it. So this year, I'm trying again.

How many people are participating?
We need to get at least six people - up to maybe twenty. More than that and it becomes a headache to organize... and fewer just wouldn't be as much fun! PLEASE RSVP in the comments section below so everybody knows how many people to expect.
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