I see my father everywhere...

I look at older couples taking walks, if the man is anywhere near his age, with anything like a beard, or a hood on his head.  I remember seeing a couple like that in the fall when my father was in the hospital and thinking, "I'd better stop looking," because it was never going to be Mommy & Daddy out walking, ever again, even that early on.  It has taken so long and I still have the reflex to look closely, to see if it's them.  It's not.
And I hear him every time a bicycle bell dings anywhere on our street.  I do see him on bikes, too... any kind of beat-up bike with a milk crate strapped to the back and any kind of bundled-up man riding purposefully.
Shabbos dinner:  (having company, an engaged couple from shul, plus Mommy, plus Abigail, plus us... gaah)
VERY, very basic  meal.
~ Challah (sprouted wheat / spelt given to me by Sara for driving her to work on Tuesday / plus white bread flour)
~ Soup w/kneidlach
~ Kugel (potato / carrot / spinach because I'm on a spinach kick right now)
~ Shake n' Bake
~ Roasted Green Beans
~ Corn
~ Mini-egg rolls
~ Lemon Meringue Pie from scratch
~ Chocolate cake (if there's time for 2 desserts...)
(doesn't sound very basic, looking at it all up there like that!!!)
~ Pareve Cholent
~ Blintzes
~ Cheeses
~ Sprouts salade
~ Pareve Desserts, I guess... or leftover ice cream, of which we have a TON.
Good Shabbos!


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