Canada Blooms

Kind of annoys me -
so commercial, so much emphasis on the superficial and COSTLY aspects of garden design! -
but it's in 2 weeks and I'm going.

God willing.
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  1. hi there! i read a comment that you posted on yougrowgirl and found your blog. i am starting up a jewish organic teaching garden in vaughan called Kavanah Garden and thought that you might be interested in learning more about it. i don't know how to e-mail you, so i figured i would post a comment :) (so you don't need to post this) my website is feel free to e-mail me at i love the photos of your bagged seedlings!!!!

  2. I actually just found the Kavanah Garden site last week... looks like an interesting project, though we're down south. I just wish there was something like it closer to home - like as part of the new BJCC complex, maybe!
    Anyway, the URL is on here so hopefully a few more people can find out, too...


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