Oh, hey, wow - nice FLOWERS!

Look at this fabulous Shabbos bouquet from the garden!

Since reading "Flower Confidential" a couple of weeks ago, I have resolved never to buy cut flowers again. Yuck.

Even beyond the way they're grown, the substances that they are treated with and the fact that they're shipped all the way around the world... well, it just sounds so awful. I may feel differently come February, when there's not a green thing in sight. Hope not, though. And if I do, I'll just have to get started growing stuff indoors even earlier next year.

NOT that I have ever been a big cut-flower person. Most people know they shouldn't show up with a bouquet of something for me. I much prefer plants that have their own roots still attached, and soil around them.

Of course, I have traditionally been a pretty bad flower recipient anyway, even in a pot with roots. Like the gorgeous hyacinths Sara bought me two years ago that I ended up tossing in the compost. And the sunflower that simply would not thrive - though I doubt that was my fault.

Oops! Just realized that in the flower photo captions, I forgot to give credit to the bottom-right flowers, the teeny tiny green specks of Lady's Mantle. I love the rich green base of parsley in there, too! You just try adding parsley to one of your supermarket bouquets... :-)))

Shabbos food:

Supper - invited Judy at the last minute because she just got back from New York, and we had...
Oven-fried rice
Banana cake
Oh - store-bought samosas, not as good as usual for some reason... maybe not crispy. :-(

Lunch - just us, and I was saving my appetite for my mother's Shalosh Seudos later
Tortellini Salad
Lettuce Salad
blah - not much else by way of REAL FOOD.
Farmers'-Market Strawberries on Angel Cake with Real Whipped Cream... mmm...

Gut voch


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