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Ben n' Jerry's Day Washout on Queen Street

> Hello Jennifer,
> Thank you for letting us know about a less than euphoric experience you
> had with one of our scoop shops. This information is very important in
> helping us to ens… Read more

There's a little PERSON in there...:-o

Yesterday, Gavriel Zev waved back when I said goodnight to him. Today, he was playing a "hello / bye-bye" game with Sara on the swings downtown. Wow... there really is a little person i… Read more

Trip to the Science Centre

A few pictures from one of our MANY Pesach outings last week.Tuesday: Riverdale Farm - with Daddy, Elisheva Chaya, Abigail, Sara,
Gavriel Zev, Naomi Rivka
Wednesday: Zoo - with Mommy, Elisheva Chaya… Read more

Beginning to look a lot like...

If a picture says 1000 words, here's a whole bunch of "words" about where we're holding... :-)
Two more loads of laundry to fold (and YM just announced this evening that he hadn… Read more


Plane tix booked to Calgary for the kids in August. OK, that sentence made
no sense... must run & clean now.With the new camera, here's my first tedious garden update of
> the year! This … Read more

Quick WS update...

Well, garden stuff is coming up all over - but NO PICTURES still!  :-((( Of the wintersown stuff, let's see... (from memory) ~ Poppy (several types) ~ Cleome ~ One Sweet pea ~ Amaranthus - yay! A few… Read more

Let's support Sara!

She has a new job!  Maybe a couple!  Here's one of them:  St. John's Bakery! Not kosher, but if that's not a necessity for you, schlep* over there to support her!!! * (oooh... if you don… Read more

Quick update... NEW COMPUTER!

It comes with a camera, but the camera - I'm now told - is backordered until April 14th. With luck, it'll be here for Pesach.  The bad news is that (buyer's remorse) I'm checking revie… Read more

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