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Quick WS update...

Well, garden stuff is coming up all over - but NO PICTURES still!  :-(((
Of the wintersown stuff, let's see... (from memory)
~ Poppy (several types)
~ Cleome
~ One Sweet pea
~ Amaranthus - yay!
A few others may be starting now that we FINALLY have decent weather; I'll update tomorrow.
Indoors... my biggest sprouting success ever:  under-2-day Wonder Broccoli.  I planted it in a mushroom tray on Wednesday night; they were up before Shabbos.  Weird; it was just two mixed-up, mouse-nibbled packs left over from last year.  I was really just testing the seed, and now I have to totally thin it out!
Tomatoes continue to thrive in the Lee Valley "windowsill" starter (though not on a windowsill as those are covered in coleus at the moment).
Growing nicely:
~ Teddy bear sunflowers
~ Lemon bee balm
~ Butterfly bush
~ Petunias - getting really thick & bushy now!
~ Peppers - yumm...
~ Some other stuff, but with no pics and no energy to run downstairs, I'm not going to report on it all at the moment...
Got the Square Foot beds laid out!  Went out today and drove in nails to nail jute twine and mark the actual squares.  Looks so pretty... but totally unplanted and untrellised.  Hope to plant peas this week but who knows when we'll have time to build trellises.
Oh, and Pesach - oy.  Don't ask.
Nanny's in the hospital...  :-(
Not much to say about that.  It's rarely good news when you're 95.
<3 J