Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Ben n' Jerry's Day Washout on Queen Street

> Hello Jennifer,
> Thank you for letting us know about a less than euphoric experience you
> had with one of our scoop shops. This information is very important in
> helping us to ensure our high quality standards.
> You should receive your coupon as soon as we read your comments (real
> people do look at all of this stuff!).
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> Consumer Affairs
> Ben & Jerry's
> Here is the information we received from you:
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> On 4/29/08, you visited one of our scoop shops (238 Queen St W, Toronto)
> in Toronto, ON at around 12:00 PM.
> Comment:
> We showed up for Free Cone Day at the Queen St W Scoop Shop today -
> following directions from the Canadian Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop locator -
> only to find a sign in the window indicating 'closed for the season - will
> reopen in the spring.'
> Actually, the location looked as if it had been closed for some time, and
> despite the cold weather, it really is spring already.
> Anyway, I would definitely call this a 'less than satisfactory' experience
> considering there were five of us inconvenienced... including my elderly
> father and my two very young children (3 yrs & 7 months). I don't even
> want to think about how hard it was to get everybody out of the house,
> walk to the subway station, pay for & take the subway downtown, walking
> from the subway station to the shop location - only to find it out of
> business.
> Not to mention how VERY disappointed my 3-year-old was. Ultimately, we
> went to a nearby convenience store to buy her a Drumstick ice cream cone,
> since I'd promised we were going downtown for ice cream.
> I definitely felt ripped off... as did the others who were with us (well,
> okay, maybe not the baby! :-))). Is there any chance of getting a free
> cone another day at another Toronto store, perhaps at the Beaches
> location? I cannot possibly get everybody out the door again today to go
> hiking down to the other end of the city. :-(
> Thanks in advance!
> ------------------------------------------------------------------