Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Let's support Sara!

She has a new job!  Maybe a couple!  Here's one of them:  St. John's Bakery!
Not kosher, but if that's not a necessity for you, schlep* over there to support her!!!
* (oooh... if you don't eat kosher, maybe you don't know what schlep is.  Here's the captioned version for the kosher-impaired:  "haul yourself" over there. :-))))
Feeling yucky tonight.  Better physically and I was going to sit down to write this article that's been hanging over my head but now I can't find the notepad I used to take notes at the inperson interview.  Aaaaargh.  Must be here somewhere but meanwhile.  AARGH!  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa... it's not just about the article but about the cause which I totally admire & support.  Waaaaaaaaah.  :-(((
Listening to Dr Laura on WJR from detroit is helping a bit. 
At least I'm not dealing with an extramarital affair.  :-)
"I was not... uhh... getting the attention that my personality... needs..."  Gack - what a loser this guy is.