Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

How is this Pesach different?

All throughout the haggadah, we find lots and lots of numbers.

The number 4 gets a lot of the attention: 4 sons, 4 questions, lots of 4's, but there are plenty of other numbers.

And I think for so many people this year, the number they're focusing on is 1.

Because 1 doesn't feel like enough.

1 is getting us down, making us sad that we can't be together with the people we'd rather be making a seder with.

Every year at the seder, we say Dayeinu, even if Hashem hadn't done all that he did for us, it still would have been enough.


If he'd brought us to the edge of the yam suf, it would have been enough?

It's hard to believe.

And then at the end of dayeinu, we say it all almost in one breath, he did all this stuff for us, and we're so grateful.

But even if he'd only done one thing, we'd have been grateful -- at least that's what we say.

But every year, under our breath, we think, no, no, no, I wouldn't have been grateful to be stranded out in the desert without food and water

I wouldn't have been grateful for one miracle without all the others.

This is the year, 2020, tav shin pay, is the year our Dayeinu is put to the test.

Hashem gave us a chag, but didn't give us all the people we love to celebrate it with.

When I look at all those numbers in the haggadah again, the one that really stands out for me this year is – ONE. One is Hashem -- in the heavens and the earth.

And that goat. We end the seder not with the big numbers, the fancy arithmetic, but with one.

One is Hashem, but this year, for many of us, one is also us, by ourselves.

What it ultimately comes down to is the goat -- one only kid, all by itself.

That's not nothing.

That's quite a lot.

And from one, you can build. Just like the verses of Dayeinu build.

So that next year we can build on this one to create seders of two, three, four, dozens, or more. With all of am yisrael together, safe and healthy once again.

Chag sameach.