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Picture Book Unboxing! Fast Asleep in a Little Village in Israel

It’s finally here!!!  These are my advance author copies.  The actual book is being released exactly two years from when I submitted it to Apples & Honey Press, which is almost lightning speed in the children’s-book industry. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then surely a video is worth a couple million pictures.  Here you go! But just in case you’re the type who prefers pictures… Here are NR & GZ, hamming it up and pulling out the first copies… This is where I told GZ, “Feign an expression of delight!” I think he literally has no idea what human emotions are or how they work. Now… displaying

The annual summer-schooling post: 5778 edition!

Well, we're back in the homeschooling saddle, if only for a few days before I'm heading off on a crazy-stupid two-day gallivant across Europe. The entire month before summer vacation, every Israeli parents' WhatsApp group is on fire with camp registrations and plans to ensure that our beloved sweeties don't have to go more than ten minutes without a “misgeret ,” or framework.  It's mostly for the parents' benefit, so they don’t have to miss work, which I get, but I also believe kids need a break.  I mean, school let out last Friday, and on Sunday morning, most of my kids' friends were off to the various "day camps" run by the schools. That one Shabbos can't have felt like much of a vacation. I was wondering how it would go with summerschooling this year, because NR is getting older and GZ is the same amount of stubborn as always, or perhaps more so with age.  But if these last 3 days are any indication, it's actually going better than in