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Easy, Quick, Fun Sukkah Decoration Craft for Older Kids


Looking for a sukkah craft for slightly older kids that hasn't been done to death?

I totally was, because we're making GZ's birthday party in the sukkah and I wanted to do some kind of simple craft that would appeal to the boys without being too fiddly.

I eventually found this post about a Xmas craft, and decided that, writ slightly larger, these would make terrific sukkah decorations.  They have all the elements I love - namely, tinfoil, glue and Sharpies (!!!) PLUS they don't take much time for 8-year-old boys' attention span.
And I think they look terrific - shiny and bright to light up any family's sukkah.

Here’s what you'll need:

- Cardboard circles - I used a bowl with a diameter of about 5.5" to cut these babies out.  The originals are much too tiny to see at night in a sukkah!  I used fairly thick cardboard from a box that held a six-pack of soda bottles.
- Yarn - original post says fine yarn, but I blew this up accordingly to a medium-weight yarn; colour doesn't matter.  Pre-cut these lengths so kids don't have to guess.
- Glue sticks - enough to go around the craft table
- Sharpies - enough to go around the craft table
- Needle - to pierce a hole in the final craft
- Pipe cleaner - to make a loop at the top, because I found that a yarn loop was too twisty and it didn't hang straight.
- Extra yarn - to make a loop through the pipe cleaner so it hangs perfectly. :-)

All the supplies (glue not pictured):


You can click through to read the directions and get more ideas, but basically, here's what you do.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1) Cover the circle generously with glue stick on both sides
2) Wrap the yarn in an attractive pattern like you might for a dreamcatcher
3) Glue again over the yarn, carefully so you don't dislodge it much
4) Tinfoil over the whole thing, choosing a "front" side that you're going to keep nice.  Fold excess tinfoil to back.
5) Smooth the front so it looks nice.
6) Pressing gently with Sharpies and other permanent markers, colour in each "region" of the pattern you made.
7) I drew black lines with a Sharpie over the yarn, but you don't have to.
8) Poke a hole at the top carefully with a sharp yarn needle.
9) Insert pipe cleaner and hang!

There's also a suggestion at the original site for making decorations with leaves under the tinfoil instead of yarn.  This would be nice if we had some nature nearby, but we really don't.  In that case, you could colour it in with natural leaf colours, or use the black wash she recommends for a "patina" effect.


Now all I have to do is figure out how to give those instructions in Hebrew…!

In the meantime, Chag Sameach!!!