Thursday, June 09, 2016

New Shavuos/Shavuot Story – FREE Download – The Humble Princess Ruth


I’ve been fiddling around for years with the idea of a “princess story” around the story of Megillas Rus.  I actually wrote one and made it available here about six years ago, but I wasn’t happy with it.

This version, The Humble Princess Ruth, is a little closer to what I want to tell.  It’s shorter and I think a little more interesting.  It’s a tough story to retell.  I’ve taken some authorial license here: added some details, left out some others. 

And I still don’t love the title!  If you have a better one, LET me know!!!  Why, oh, why, am I so bad at titles???

Download the story here:

The 4shared site is a little spammy – don’t click on the BIG word “download,” but rather, on the small download button:


I’d love your feedback on this story, either in the comments or directly to me at

And don’t forget – I have a ton of other great Shavuos resources here at this site:  click here to find them.

Chag sameach!!!

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