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7 parenting secrets of highly effective Israeli mamas

Are you an Israeli mama at heart?  You might be and not even know it!Sure, I’ve been parenting for 21 years (OMG!).  But I’m still learning when it comes to raising kids here in Israel.  Some of the … Read more

Mega-Massive Chanukah 2015 Roundup: 17 FREE & More Essential Family Resources

Yes, Chanukah is sneaking up on us SOOoooon! It’s early this year, so I wanted to jump right in and share this list of resources that I’ve created and shared.  Some are geared towards homeschoolers, … Read more

The Courage to Dream: Thoughts for Parshas Vayeishev (long but thorough!)

How many dreams does Yosef have in this week’s parsha? I’ve always thought it was two. Maybe you did, too? But if you look very carefully into the actual text, you’ll notice something funny. (Or, i… Read more

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