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No, we’re not all the same (even though I wish we were)

“What might save us, me and you… is if the Russians love their children, too.”  Singer / songwriter Sting wrote that near the end of the Cold War, when we still thought Russians were going to be the … Read more

Hashem's Amazing World: three terrific science / nature books for Jewish kids

Looking for a way to share the wonders of science and nature with Jewish kids?
These books may be the answer.
I don't post a lot of brags on here, but I wanted to quickly pop in and let you know… Read more

MamaLand Review: Every Picture Tells a Story, a new illustrated weekly parsha book for kids

How are parsha books like popcorn?  You can’t have just one!  If you’re anything like our family, you already have a preponderance of parsha books.  But it’s impossible to have “enough,” isn’t it?  E… Read more

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