Wow, I never knew the world cared.


It is almost unbelievable how inured we have become to the “Like” buttons that follow us everywhere these days, begging for our all-important feedback on everything from a drive-thru meal eaten in passing (Like!) to a budget motel (1 star!) to a city (Budapest, 5 stars!) or even a hike (Grand Canyon, 2 stars!).

But the weather??? apparently now lets me vote on the weather.  I didn’t actually click “Love,” by the way.  I was just hovering when I took this screenshot.  I do wonder, though… if enough people click “Ugh!,” what exactly will happen? 

Something like this, maybe:


But really, I don’t think we should mess with the universe quite to that extent…


  1. Thanks. I was worried because it was so stupid and trivial, but I think I notice dumb stuff more when I'm going through major issues. :-)


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