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“When you interrupt a girl’s school day” – seen on Facebook

Agree or disagree?  What do you think of this message that’s been floating around for a day or two on facebook:"When you interrupt a girl’s school day to force her to change clothes or to send h… Read more

Wow, I never knew the world cared.

It is almost unbelievable how inured we have become to the “Like” buttons that follow us everywhere these days, begging for our all-important feedback on everything from a drive-thru meal eaten in pa… Read more

Eulogy for my brother Eli

NOTE: One year after my brother Eli's death in 2014, I published a book about the intertwining of our lives and his struggle with schizophrenia. This post and many other writings are included,… Read more

Erica and Jeffrey Henderson: CPS abuse poster family or “non-kosher” fraud?

The headlines circulating on facebook are the nightmare of every homeschooling family: “A homebirthing, homeschooling, non vacinating, kosher family ripped apart by Local Law Enforcement and CPS with… Read more

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