Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Naomi’s Bunkbed Rules


    1. no shoes
    2. no rude noises
    3. do as your told
    4. only bring a pillow to prevent lice
    5. no food on my bed
    6. avoid putting fingers & hands in mouth
    7. no more blankets
    8. not alot of dolls (get lost)
    9. consider a doll like mine BIG
    10. have fun, Naomi ♥


The dictator of the upper bunk.

(For some reason, she enjoys writing script even more now that she’s here.  I think because it sets her apart from the other kids in her class, who are only learning how to print.  Sadly, she has not finished learning the capital letters, so she just sort of guesses.)

Good Shabbos!!!