Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Hey, y’all, come on over!

image_thumb5If you could interview any kids’ book author or illustrator living today, who would it be?

You know I love writing and self-publishing kids’ books… to branch out into this in a bit of a more professional way, I’ve started a new blog dedicated to the art of creating children’s books:  Write Kids’ Books! (I know, great subtle title, huh?)

Never fear!  I’m not abandoning MamaLand just yet.  Although most of my posts lately have been on my Adventures in AliyahLand blog, when I start to feel our lives are not overwhelmed by Aliyah with a capital A, and we get back to feeling “normal” (especially if I’m handling any aspect of the kids’ schooling on my own), then I think I’ll head on back here and only use the AliyahLand blog to talk specifics of life in Israel.  I don’t know, exactly.  When it’s not all about Aliyah, I hope to be back.

Meanwhile, I’ll pop in here occasionally to say hi when there’s something great on one of my other blogs.

So:  back to my original question.  There are many authors and illustrators I’d love to chat with, and hopefully I’ll get a chance.  I’ve already put one of them up on my Write Kids’ Books blog, a lovely short email interview with Jewish children’s book author / illustrator Ann D. Koffsky.  Click on her name to visit her own site for free colouring pages, samples of her art and information about her books… then click here to come on over and read my interview!