Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Even though we’re in Israel… cute drawings!

The kids still do some things that are incomparably cute and that don’t exactly pertain to “aliyah” as such, so don’t belong on my aliyah blog.  One night last week, I happened to find a stack of GZ’s drawings on the floor that he had “supplemented” with detailed cut-outs from a handout of clothing that they gave out in gan, presumably to teach the kids about dressing appropriately for the weather (“short sleeves in summer, long sleeves in winter” is mainly the extent of it here).


On the upper left, we see a monster (who’s wearing a “pocket with skin-coloured paint”) slipping something into a mailbox and saying “tee hee.”  And the lower-right shows another fearsome monster who appears to be going for a swim and showing off his summer vest.  None of the monsters apparently had use for a parka or a nice pleated skirt.

There were a few more like this… I just thought it was very, very sweet.  And imaginative.

And nostalgic, for the days when all he had to do, mainly, was draw and amuse himself and cut stuff out.  I mean, that’s mostly what he does in gan all day, but these days, I’m not there to see it.

Not all the drawings were supplemented with stick-on clothing.  Here’s another one that pretty much reflects GZ’s general attitude towards the entire human race:IMG_00003756