Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Two guest posts BY ME! (hope you’ll come over and see me…)

Haven’t been posting here much, so I’m linking up to two guest posts I have written for other people’s blogs (or collective blogs) in the last few days, so you know that I’m still out here, writing up a storm… and NOT packing, which is what I probably should be doing.

teaching pirkei avot guest post for mitzvot unplugged series via birkat chaverimFirst, this guest post at the fabulous Birkat Chaverim blog (much too shmancy for me, usually!) about Teaching Pirke Avos (okay, Avot).

And then there’s this one, about preparing the kids for our coming aliyah, hosted on the Homeschool Horizons blog, a collaborative bloggy reinvention of a belly-up Canadian print publication.  Because it’s a mostly Christian site, I have used mainly English terms here.  Still – it’s all true, every word.