If it looks like a book, and quacks like a book…

parshabook (5) (800x449)… it’s a book!

Well, a very, VERY preliminary draft of a book.  And yes, it’s taken about two weeks longer to get to this point than I was hoping.  This delay will ultimately benefit you, my readers; I promise!  I finally whipped it into shape enough that I printed a draft at Staples (coil-bound, for easy correction… which is good, cuz I’ve already spotted some errors).  Drat, forgot to buy a red pencil – that’s what it REALLY needs.

But if I say so myself, it’s looking very much like… a book.  :-)

Here are some sneaky sneak previews.  If you were aghast at the parsha narrations I have provided here over the years, rest assured that the quality of the writing is WAaaaay better in this print version.  I am often appalled but am forcing myself not to be ashamed or to scrap anything unless it’s absolutely unsalvageable. 

parshabook (800x449)  parshabook (2) (800x449) parshabook (3) (800x449) parshabook (4) (800x449)  parshabook (1) (800x449)

A few things I have tried to do better in the print version:

  • Fewer exclamation marks!
  • Uniform and consistent use of present tense for the entire narrative – except in the two parshiyos which deal with tzara’as, where I think it’s too confusing, so I will probably switch it back.
  • Art stolen shamelessly from my husband Ted’s wonderful parsha cartoons.  Not in their original context, which he probably hates, but his cartoons are generally Not For Kids.
  • Generous whitespace, headers, etc. (ie making it look less like a MESS!)
  • Consistent styles for text, headers, etc. (ie making it look more like a book!)
  • Separate glossaries for Hebrew words / Hebrew names

I’m still desperately looking for proofreaders – each proofreader gets to carefully scan HALF the book (= approx 100 pages of text).  Online friends will be rewarded with a FREE Jewish lapbook of their choice.  Toronto friends get two challahs, their choice of seeds – or a lapbook, whatever you prefer.  :-)

Pretty please…?  Anyone want to take on a project for 1-2 hours to help out?  Proofers will get full credit in the “hakaras hatov” page which is still lacking from this draft edition.  Also accepting suggestions for what to call this thing.  Working title is “The Weekly Torah,” but really, anything else would probably be better and catchier.

How’s it looking from where you sit…???


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