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Hilarious girl-style narration – Behar-Bechukosai

I love Naomi Rivka’s take on the concepts in these parshiyos, which are all about our efforts and how Hashem listens and answers our tefillos if we make an effort.  Which translates, in Naomi’s imagination, into “better hairdo.”

PANEL 1 - Two girls are sharing their most fervent hopes and dreams: 

Girl #1 (hair in a bun):  “Isabell, I wish for your hair to be in a bun, not on your shoulder!”

Girl #2 (hair curly and loose):  “Yes, Laura….  I wish rain in Israel!”

narration (1)

PANEL 2 – the same two girls, standing in the rain:

Girl #1 (hair in a bun):  “My wish came true!”

Girl #2 (hair in a bun):  <<silence>>


Something in me finds this utterly hilarious, encapsulating perfectly the concept that Hashem answers prayers… and that the most important, most urgent prayer is for Good Hair.  Girl #2 doesn’t need to say anything – standing in the rain, hair in a bun, she is perfectly, perfectly content.  What more of a bracha could she need?


The “Shaboss” Queen most certainly would approve!