Hebrew Folksongs Curriculum (mini unit study)

I thought it would be cool to help build Hebrew vocabulary through learning Hebrew folksongs.  I picked three that seem “important” to me and put together a few activities to reinforce the vocabulary taught in each one.

Though there is a line-by-line translation provided for each song (along with a link to hear the song), these do assume some knowledge of Hebrew, or at least, access to a decent dictionary.

Part I:  Menorah v’Anfei Zayit  (3 pages) /  מנורה וענפי זית   

image image

Part II:  Eretz Yisrael Sheli (7 pages) / ארץ ישראל שלי

image image

  • To download these and hundreds of other General Studies printables, including science, art and music resources in Hebrew and English, Ambleside, composer and artist resources, click here.  (give me a few minutes to post the link… :-) )
  • For Limudei Kodesh (Jewish) printables – including weekly parsha copywork and holiday resources, click here.


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