Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Getting ready… (Shavuos Lapbook)


In case you’re new around here, Shavuos (Ashkenaz) = Shavuot (Sefard) = the Jewish Feast of Weeks = the Jewish Festival of Firstfruits.  So there you are.*

I’m so crazy-busy getting the parsha book ready in time for the Torah Home Education Conference that I will not be creating anything new for Shavuos this year.  BUT… in anticipation of one of those rare calm, “normal” weeks, and lacking a colour cartridge in the printer at the moment, I ran off the bits and pieces for the Shavuos lapbook over at Staples today while I was printing the parsha book.

I did it in colour, and I think everything looks fabulous; it’s a bit thicker IMG_00001256and shinier paper than I usually use, as well.  I do regret that I can’t use coloured paper for some of the mini-books, but I think it’ll looks just fine.  Just like we did before Pesach, I’ll split up the mini-books so Naomi Rivka does some and Gavriel Zev does some.

Oh - I also bought some glue sticks at Staples, and some of the nice colourful Dollarama file folders.  No Dollarama glue sticks – they’re stinky!  (and they dry out fast)

A few other resources from previous years:

Can you tell I love Shavuos?  So what are you doing to get your kids ready???

* Christians may know this festival as Pentecost, which is celebrated on the 50th day after Easter, in the same way that we observe it on the 50th day after the first day of Pesach.  There are many parallels between the Christian Pentecost and Shavuos, not least of which is the spiritual fulfillment of the physical freedom gained at the earlier festival.  Christians celebrate this as the time the “Holy Spirit” descended upon the disciples, while Jews celebrate this as the date when the Torah (our ultimate source of spiritual enlightenment and conduit to Hashem) was given.  Perplexingly, many “Hebrew” Christians perplexingly celebrate a different holiday called “Firstfruits” around Pesach time.  I guess they feel the Torah isn’t clear, but I’m not aware of actual Jews ever celebrating “Firstfruits” and “Shavuos/Shavuot” on separate dates.

Whoah… I’ve read way too much on this subject.  Just click the links and enjoy!!!