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Weird Muslim Facebook ads…

Are they trying to convert me????  Seriously, I’m wondering.  I have given facebook absolutely no hint that I might be open to Islamic propaganda, yet it has totally started pestering me with ads lik… Read more

Really, Microsoft Word –???

Really, you don’t recognize the word Jewishness?  But would rather I typed “Jewfishes” or “Jadishness” instead???(perhaps it would rather I used the noun “Yiddishkeit” instead?)Well, I for one am pro… Read more

Pirkei Avos (Avot) Perek (Chapter) 4 Activity Pack

If you’ve always wanted to study Pirkei Avos with your kids but never knew where to start, I’ve put together a collection of activities for a range of ages, along with a general introduction to teach… Read more

Practice what…???

Small note I found in the hallway:Honestly, I have no idea what they’re planning this time… Read more

Belly up? (or, what are you reading???)

Print media is dying quickly, or so it seems from my comfy couch, where two print publications I’ve worked for this year have gone belly up in the last month (Homeschool Horizons and The Canadian Jew… Read more

As plain as the…

Guilt trip alert!  There I was was, feeling like a fabulous mama for taking Gavriel Zev, Kid #4, out alone today.  We get to the subway and I announce that the subway will arrive in 7 minutes.“How do… Read more

Online Art Class with Mark Kistler (for free?!?)

Regular readers may have begun to suspect that we haven’t “done” art recently.  By “done” in quotes, I mean, the kids are kids and continue to draw… but we haven’t done anything formal in quite a whi… Read more

This is a troll

In case anybody was wondering:  cute, plastic, indeterminate race.Not so cute when you meet them online, though.  There, they’re a niggling annoyance that get in the way of all the fun and happy stuf… Read more

Why don’t Jews here homeschool?

Last week at our regular Thursday homeschool drop-in, somebody mentioned that their first couple of weeks there, they saw me and my friends Rachel and Shira and our kids and we must have seemed like … Read more

I <3 my shoes! (and feet)

Look!  It’s my authentic Feiyue running shoes from China!  Not only are they tremendously geeky-looking, but also they offer a) absolutely no support of any kind, along with b) no premium features wh… Read more

What a fun guy I am: yeast (& bacteria) experiments!

In all the years I have been playing with yeast and homeschooling, I have never, ever thought to mix the two!  Luckily, Ms Frizzle did, and last month’s Magic School Bus science kit was all about bac… Read more

Yom HaShoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day facebook status

✡✡✡ As a Jewish homeschooler, I beg anyone who is studying the Holocaust today (Holocaust Remembrance Day) to not stop at the pictures and stories of horror, but also to talk about what Judaism is an… Read more

The weirdest way to learn Hebrew ever

Some of us come up with some pretty weird tricks to teach ourselves or our kids Hebrew, but this one beats everything I’ve seen…Just came across this “mnemonic” vowel chart in a Christian book about … Read more

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