New Older-Kid Parsha Workbooks: Yisro & Mishpatim

For more information about these, please click here.

Meanwhile, I have uploaded the new workbook for Yisro and will do the same for Mishpatim later on today (done!).

Here are samples from Yisro:

image image

And from Mishpatim:

image image

As before, this is a work in progress at a busy time.  That means I’m very distracted and I want to know if I’ve made mistakes.  I’d even love just a quick note to let me know how old your child(ren) is/are and which bits are most helpful.

  • To download these and hundreds of other Limudei Kodesh (Jewish) printables – including weekly parsha copywork and holiday resources, click here.  (search for “workbooks”)
  • For General Studies printables, including science, art and music resources in Hebrew and English, Ambleside, composer and artist resources, click here.


  1. Forgot to write which bits are the most helpful :-)
    The list of words in the parsha is really helpful and the notes about In the Torah..the exercises that involve word recognition are as well.
    I like that there is the Hebrew and English line by line to read from, that is very helpful!


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