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3-d Pop-Up Parsha Papercraft: Chazak, Chazak! (for parshas Vayechi, etc)

Despite a largely useless computer due to various hard drive failures (new one on its way), I wanted to do something special for this week’s parsha… except I like the hands-crossing Ephraim/Menashe a… Read more

Where I disagree

In light of the school shooting on Friday in Connecticut, a mother named Liza Long has released a heartfelt article saying, “I am sharing this story because I am Adam Lanza's [Friday’s shooter’s… Read more

Is now the time to talk?

NOTE: One year after my brother Eli's death in 2014, I published a book about the intertwining of our lives and his struggle with schizophrenia. This post and many other writings are included, … Read more

The Heartfelt Prayers of the Innocent

Today on Shabbos, our shul had a parent-and-kid davening which we went to, for a change (which involved actually getting up and GOING to shul – yay, me!).  During the “amidah” there was a moment when… Read more

Fluxx, the Card Game (now available in Jewish-style) – a Chanukah GIVEAWAY!

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED!  The lucky winner is Susan.  Please contact me by Thursday, Jan 3, 2013 with your details.

If you look around for reviews of Fluxx, you’ll probably come away a little baf… Read more

Fire & Ice & Oil – Chanukah (Science) Miracles

What?  We did science?  It’s a miracle!  Ha ha ha ha… I kid, I kid.  But I did mention in my Chanukah activities round-up last night that our science has been somewhat less than rigourous lately.  We… Read more

Cool Chanukah Activities Online

My annual, non-comprehensive but hopefully fun and well-rounded, roundup of What There Is For You Online.  Enjoy!From Chinuch.orgSo!  With 40+ pages of Chanukah stuff on, how do you know … Read more

I hate… “December Celebrations”?!?

Yup, you heard me right.  I don’t hate Chanukah.  I don’t hate Christmas.  I don’t hate Los Posadas, or Kwanzaa, or Diwali, or anything else that people celebrate at this time of year.But I can’t sta… Read more

Jumping (math) ship… boo hoo

It is with great sadness, nay, a metaphorical lump in my throat, that I admit… JUMP Math isn’t working for us this year.  :-(I feel like this is the oldest homeschool story in the book:  a fantastic … Read more

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